Hello 2013! (6-Month Review)

I can hardly believe it is already February of 2013!  I’m glad to see we all survived the end of the world!  😉

One more thing I can hardly believe:  the Cardinal Care Center and office for MTNWA have been open for six months already!  It’s crazy to think that I’ve been a business owner for half a year already.  Even though it seems like things are moving slowly at times, looking back a lot has been accomplished.  Here’s a little summary of all that’s happened at MTNWA since August:

  • I am currently working with two nursing home groups and one individual client.  Both nursing home groups are so much fun.  I’m hoping to be able to see them more than once a month in the future, but we shall see.  My individual client is able to come once a week.  He is a great person to work with.
  • I’ve teamed up with InsideOut Music Studios in Farmington and am teaching piano lessons.  I currently have 13 piano students and one guitar student at MTNWA.  Needless to say I am making some sweet moolah off all these lessons!
  • As far as media/publicity goes, there has been a picture in the local paper about the CCC grand opening and an article about music therapy.  There has also been an article in a college newspaper about music therapy and my services.  You can check all of them out on the Media page.
  • I’ve had the privilege of a few people being able to observe some of my sessions.  A student from Farmington schools has job shadowed me, and a MT student from Drury University was able to observe a few of my sessions as a class requirement.  I’ve also had a few other students e-mail me about information for class projects and becoming a music therapist.
  • January was Music Therapy Advocacy Month.  There was a huge push for social media advocacy.  I’ve been trying to post as many articles and videos on the MTNWA Facebook page as possible.  Stop by and check some of them out…lots of great information and entertaining ways to answer some questions you may have!
  • I’ve paid most of my yearly dues for the new year.  I’m once again a member of AMTA.  I’ve gotten my business license for MTNWA for 2013.  I’ve set up insurance on the office.

And now here are some things to look forward to in the upcoming months:

  • TAXES.  This is the first time I’m having to get all of my finances together.  In years past I’ve only had to turn in W-2s or 1099s.  Now I’m having to go through and get together all my expenses, income, etc. to send off.  Luckily my family has a wonderful tax accountant that I get to use.  I love being an adult…
  • Next week I have the privilege of going to the monthly AIM meeting.  It is the local Autism support group.  They’ve invited me to speak about music therapy and autism as well as my business.  I’ve also been invited to the AIM 5K run/walk in April.
  • Last week I had a call from a mom in the area interested in music therapy not only for her child but possibly in a local school district.  So, I may be scheduling a meeting with the special education task force of the school to possibly get a contract!
  • There is a possibility that I could present about music therapy to a class or two at Farmington High.  I talked to one of my high school teachers at the beginning of the school year, and he seemed interested in having me come present about music therapy to a couple of his classes.

Well, I believe that’s about all I have for now.  Thank you all for your support, prayers, and good thoughts.  I’m looking forward to what’s in store this year for MTNWA!  Feel free to drop me a line, ask any questions, or share any information with people who are interested in music therapy!

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