“Katie has been very receptive to music therapy.  She is under the umbrella of Autism.  Carrie has opened up a whole new world for her.  Katie really seems to listen more when being read to, talked to, and very verbal singing along with her music.  She LOVES Garth Brooks, so between Garth and the music, Katie has really been motivated and participating.  She also uses her switches so much more!  Carrie is one of the finest therapists we have known.  She gave Katie a new avenue to express herself.  With all of the developmental delays, Katie’s participation and attention span has improved so much since Carrie has been working with her.  I would highly recommend music therapy for any individual with developmental disabilities.”

~Karen B. (mother of client)

“One of my students has received music therapy as a homebound service for 60 minutes a week.  As a homebound teacher, I have observed that she makes more vocal sounds than before she received music therapy.  She seems to explore by touch different types of instruments and try to play them.  She communicates her wants and needs by pressing a prerecorded message switch during her session with Carrie.  I think she has made a lot of progress since introducing music therapy.”

~Kay P. (special education teacher)

“I have witnessed many improvements in my client since she has received music therapy from Carrie Jenkins.  Over the past two years she has an improved attention span from merely seconds to minutes.  She looks forward to the session, clapping in glee when Carrie arrives.  My client is blind, non-verbal and mentally challenged.  The most important accomplishment is in the use of her four-way switch of choices–she can call the shots!  She chooses between favorite songs, instruments, ‘verbalizes’ via switch; this is HUGE for her and has made a notable difference in her level of frustration, affecting her behavior in many positive ways.  It is a delight for my client, her family, and her nurses and therapists.  Carrie has an amazing quality of being able to ‘read’ her clients, their likes, preferences, and frustrations.”

~Jan Z. (LPN nurse)

“Carrie Jenkins is an extremely talented music therapist.  We have been blessed to have our son work with her for one and a half years.  He has Down Syndrome and is extremely motivated by music.  Carrie created engaging music activities to develop his speech, language, reading and math skills which coordinated with his IEP goals.  She has such a warm and positive personality.  He was excited to ‘hang out’ with Carrie each week.  We are grateful for the tremendous difference she has made in our son’s development.”

~Cindy M. (mother of client)