After a very busy summer, I am finally really into the swing of things!  I now have time to work at the office, make PR visits, talk to potential clients, and all that fun stuff.

We had the grand opening for Cardinal Care Center (where the MTNWA office is located) on August 2nd.  It was a chance for people from the community to come support us, check out the office space, have any questions answered, and eat some delicious treats with us!  It was a great success.  The Chamber of Commerce came out for the ribbon cutting to the office, we got our picture in the local paper, even the Cardinals mascot came out!

Now that I am done with all of my summer travelings (which consisted of camp in south Arkansas, mission trip in Philadelphia, and family vacation/moving my sister to LA…all of which I drove to, no flying!), I can really focus on getting things set up for MTNWA.  This week I’ve been in contact with two different nursing homes in the area.  One has signed a contract for me to come once a month for a group session!  I meet with the other nursing home on Friday and will hopefully be able to set up something with them as well!  I’ve also dropped off information at a local clinic and some of the schools in the area.  I’m slowly but surely becoming a PR guru!

I’m excited to think about the possibilities for MTNWA and the Cardinal Care Clinic.  I know this year is going to be full of ups and downs.  All I can do is work my little tail off, pray constantly, and be patient!

And now I leave you with some pics from the grand opening and of the office!

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